Now accepting applications for Teen & Miss Globe United States 2020!



are there any height or weight REQUIREMENTS?

No. There are no height or weight restrictions. We encourage women of all shapes and sizes to participate. 

do i have to have to have prior EXPERIENCE?

No. Contestants will participate in workshops during pageant weekend and are provided with tools to  prepare for competition. This is the first contestant for many of our Queens. 

is there a fee to enter?

Yes. All participants have to pay a Registration Fee and for the National Package. Discounts or scholarships are available to those who have entered a state pageant or qualifying event. 

The REGISTRATION FEE is required by all participants and reserves your spot at the National Level. 

The NATIONAL PACKAGE  includes your official crown, custom banner, hotel accommodations, meals, opening number dress, Spotlight Page (ad), production cost, t-shirt, program book and can be paid in installments. 

All fees must be paid in full by pageant entry deadline. 

do i have to spend a fortune on wardrobe?

No.  It is important that you feel great in what you are wearing and that you follow the competition guideline. 

what is a pageant scout? Pageant Manager?

Pageant scouts are official recruiters who search for talent on behalf of the pageant. Managers search for talent, but they go a step further and help prepare the contestant for competition. They ARE NOT authorized to accept payments for participation. Managers and Scouts may work as independent contractors and charge for pageant "coaching" or "image consulting,"  but they are not authorized to accept any required fees for registration or fees towards the National Package.  

How are titles awarded?

Titles are awarded at state pageants, qualifying events or At-large. At-large appointments are on a first come basis. 

what happens if i win?

If you win, you are expected to stay to review and sign a Titleholder Agreement. The agreement will breakout all prizes, distribution and expectations. The winner's are expected to represent the United States at the World Finals and make appearances for sponsors and charities throughout your year. We recognize school and family come first and will work with your schedule. 

What are the wardrobe requirements?

All contestants will need:

  1. Competition Evening Gown
  2. Fashion Swimwear
  3. Personal Expression Costume
  4. Interview Outfit (i.e. dress, jumpsuit)
  5. White Gown or Long Dress 
  6. Black Leggings
  7. Basic Swimsuit for Poolside Photos

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale closer to the pageant date. Complete details and a link for online purchase will be added to the website and social media pages.

What if the state I live in is already taken?

You may chose to represent a state you have connections to. For example, if you attend school out of state, your parents own property in another or perhaps you moved recently. Contact the pageant office with any concerns. 

who do i make payments to?

All payments for required fees for the pageant are to be made out to 

Cisco And Cisco Productions

*DO NOT make payments to scouts, mangers or outside parties for participation. 

Payments may be made by check, PayPal or credit card. 




Cisco & Cisco Productions

PO Box 5023

River Forest, IL 60305

Who can i contact with questions?